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Monday, June 2, 2014

tail chacer

Being found

Fear of never and ever being found
waiting for the day that
they will say
your not enough
not enough
to grow through
not enough
to live through
not enough
to stay the line
true to what you should and
shouldnt do
live in a fear of never and ever
being found

Chris McQueeney    8/26/14    10:07 A.M.

Have you ever seen a dog or cat chasing their tail? it is funny to watch...but it is not fun to do. At times I feel like I get stuckin a very circular thinking pattern. Might have something to do with my TBI but it is hard to tell. I try to talk with people in my life about the things that happen as the result of the TBI and they often say in a most infuriating way "that happnes to me too", as if they have the need to minimize the reality of the changes in my life. No, you don't have it happin to you too I want to shout at times. I was forgetful prior to my injury, that's not the same as having short term memory loss as the result of a brain trauma. I remember things before, and it is different now. I am not bemoaning the lot that life has handed me rather I am venting a frustrating facit of my life. Things have improved dramatically and I am greatful for an amazing ammount of support I have recieved from friends and family. The worst thing someone can say to a sufferer of A TBI or any other mental health crises is  ""but you look just fine". Maybe try saying something like "I have noidea the struggles you are experancing, but I am here for you.

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