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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

paper thin

paper thin thoughts
travel mile wide troughs
well deep worries
worn by rote
paper thin boats
bilge pump broke
tidel swolen backlog
barely float
paper thin eyeholes
trying only to squint glance
rain fouled lashes slash
wide berths in front of me
paper thin  cradels
carry my soul's note
sinkhole broke banks erode
market able ity cash outs
paper thin spliceings
life wide cracks spanning
memory gaps attaching
madness filled  backlit ranting
paper thin hopes
held together by
paper thin ropes
desolet island life raft  saving
my paper thin dreams


Brian Miller said...

hopefully you can still cling to a few of those are you out now man?

kj said...

Paper thin hopes and paper thin ropes: we need heavy duty thread for the tears in our horizons ...

What now, my friend?


Wander said...

For now...tizzy a complicated situation ...those kind of places should be removed from our society...they eat your humanity