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Monday, May 21, 2012

ebb and flow

From the light

I have been walking
                        To the right
Or left of
All a matter of perspective
The razor's edge is only
     Cutting sharp
Until laid on its side
The path from then on
Rather wide filled with
The ebb and Flow
Outside reflecting
From the light inside

Chris McQueeney    5/21/12    4:19 P.M

Life can be a thing of beauty if we let it...if.

This poem came from a conversation I had with Christopher at View From The Northern Wall, and a comment I left in response to erin at in search of white space

Also please go on over to dVerse poets pub to see what is being offered up on the menu for open link night

picture credit goes to I got the image off of Bing images and I have no idea what content the blog it came from supports, besides being a youth group. If you see something there you like cool, feel free to share it, but if you find something there that you deem offensive I don't want to hear I am just using the image and giving credit where credit is due.


Anonymous said...

i love the way this moves.

nice. very!

Brian Miller said...

smiles...true that man...really like the lines on laying the razors edge over....spent my days dancing the edge...much happier on the wide...smiles.

erin said...

pain makes all living sharper. it's the damndest thing)))


She Writes Here Now said...

Ahhh, Erin is a beautiful writer! I read a post of hers this morning.

I liked this piece. Style reminds me of Brian at waystation1

Jira said...

Do you think people walk that close to comfortable without touching it on purpose? Some people seem happier when they have stress in their lives... at least, that is what it seems. Is it better to lay the knife on its side or toss it out the window. :)

Wine and Words said...

To the right of Christopher, just to the left of Erin. How we all entwine ourselves into thought and supposition! You know that never stands up without the hands of assistance. Left to it's own devices, it lays innocuous. From our perspective, we decide if it will harm or help or neither.

I purchased an old wooden window. Whoever owned it before was a sloppy painter, and there is paint on the glass. I purchased a blade to scrape it off. The window is gloriously decayed, rickety, and decades looked through. Now it is the end of vision...the thing looked at, by me anyway! Thank you razor.

Great poem. I truly loved it.

Heaven said...

I really like that its a matter of perspective ~

Hope all is well ~

Cheers ~

Brian Miller said...

hey brother always great to see you at are you getting along?

Beachanny said...

Well here goes for the second time:
I enjoyed this poem. I especially liked the reflection. Sometimes we don't know how close we've come to the razor's edge until we look back from some distance away. Thank you.

Wander said...

Thanks all
@ Brian doing good!

Anonymous said...

Quite a cutting remark, on your bright observations!

Anonymous said...

Really like how you have played with structure here. Works really well.

kj said...

Chris, today I read your poem to a 34 year father of three who said he just wAnted to wake up one morning and feel happy about it.

A half step to the right or left of comfortable

A razor losing its edge when it's laid down

These are brilliant images, Chris. I can see them and feel them just as you've described

We are on this road together in some important way; I know this is so even though I don't know others here. Even though, I am grateful for the company


Claudia said...

there are times we need to walk that razor's edge but it only goes for a while as from my experience it sucks up all the energy cause there's always danger and stress.. and one step to the left or right can cost you everything.. i'm walking that line at the moment and it's not fun... well penned sir

Jinksy said...

Half a step either way is still more comfortable than the edge itself..Who needs bleeding feet?! :)