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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Father's Heart...Oregon City....

Yes Seconds

Yes, the sign says
On the very first line
Black letters, green background
Seconds, The word
On the very last line
Two words tell a story
So clearly defined


Says the sign
Black letters, green behind
The hungry stand lined up
One thought on their mind
Tonight I wont sleep hungry
Worries no mind
Maybe tomorrow We will see
The other side
Black letters Red background 
only one line
One word, two letters
only one line


Is all you will find

Christopher McQueeney   12, 13, 2013   2:30 P.M

I stood in line with them, hungry, and gretful, that when starving food was provided


Brian Miller said...

i have served that line...and eaten in that line myself...and seconds are def good things....

kj said...

Brilliant, Chris. Writing at its finest


Ben Ditty said...

You are very courageous, my friend.

Wander said...

good writing Chris from a different view point. Love you

christopher said...

Keep in mind that the Pink Church has got you covered on Christmas day like it always has for years. Seconds, thirds, fourths. Blair, John L, Jessie and Darrell, Dale B, Norman and his wife, Me, several others you no doubt know.