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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Teddy bears....keeping another pillow safe!!!

There is A

There’sss a monster
Underneath my bed
That’s all right
He’s friends with
All the voices
In my head
As I lay my self
Down to bed
They get together
And run rampant
Instead of resting
Like I need to be
At least, they see
All the possibilities…
To be…if
Left to me
Rampant they run
Knowing all of the fun
To be had
That’s why
The Monster and the Voices
Have so much fun
All night
Under my head
Beneath my pillow
Below my bed…

Christopher McQueeney   12/24/13   8:51 P.M.

I may have found the answer to the dilemma I have been having...

Staying the night at the fathers heart in Oregon city. they treated me with kindness when family (only one ) slammed the door in my face


Brian Miller said...

nice play on the eminem song...ugh, what a reality...and i am glad you found a place to stay...ugh man...get the help you need...i am sorry man...if i could i would take this road from you...

merry christmas

Wander said...

brian...this is a fun one, and you hit the em right on the spot was listning to his jam while I waz trying to get ro another room at the nut ward ( I get to call it a nutward, I was there) ;-)...

Ben Ditty said...

I've tried to make friends with the monsters but they continue to eat me.