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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Santa's Caper


Santa's Caper
I swear, I left it here
he says with a little
hiccup in his get up
and go cuz we got these damn
deer shitting everywhere

 and trying to play those fucking reindeer games,
I mean really, fucking reindeer games...
works better with Gary seneese, sted we got stinky ass beasts...
Fu king rain dear gamZ.
Gods damn it all" face purpling "Rudolf you fucking degenerate,
get back in line. and for fucks sakes stop lighting up your nose under blitzing's balls,
just aint right I say...Word to the wise,
straight from Santa's mouth to his belly,
maybe a bit from his butt, that's gross,
that place your mind just went, pew! back to Santa's inside
bubbles from his belly to his brain flash front and center
hmmm, to your surprise, didn't see this one coming, can tell from his eyes,
 he's drunk, flying over, Rolling dirty, he is
super fucking High
"Mother fuck Yeah!!! Got my keys!"
he shouts from inside the dilapidated kid sized playhouse
inside that house that was silent
"Motherfucking lazy ass deer help me get this fucking thing off me before we fly.
We got to stop in Colombia on our way to that know the one, that sultan,
the one that fucks anything and lives in dubi!"
Soooo, next year keep it safe, close, inside,
rum in his eggnog on Christmas eve is horrible, wrong,
it's not ok to drink and fly.
"Dam nit Donner Keep your shit to the left, fly straight I don't wanna die."
 Shouted Santa from that house that was silent
 was silent, once upon a time...

Wander 12/2/13 4:30 P.M.
December 1, 2013 at 4:34 PM


Brian Miller said...

hahaha...santa is in for rough times...or at leas t a very rough hang over when he wakes up after this one....i like my eggnog but....smiles.

christopher said...

Okay then... Degenerate Santa taking presents to Cocaine country and to the oil sheiks...

Jhob Kholi said...

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