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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Keepin er Goin

Can’t We

Why can’t we
Why can’t you just
Why can’t we find that edge
Just this side of the finally
Caffeine stalks our thoughts
Saccharin sweet memories
Blasting me with
Why can’t we just find
Our way past this
Our current bind
The light so frigging bright
In my eyes enough to blind
Why can’t you see past what
Is blinding me
Binding me in place
Stasis is my name
Why can’t we remain
Just this
Side of insane
Straining to be, just be
Why can’t we

Chris McQueeney

This poem was inspired by a poem a friend of mine wrote...Here you can find it Ben is a gifted poet, an insanely creative person, and an all around good guy. Check him out.........


Ben Ditty said...

Wow! Very glad I helped inspire your poem, Chris. I really like "saccharin sweet memories". It hints on something sweet, but at the same time unhealthy to consume.

Wander said...

You hit er dead on Ben