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Friday, November 14, 2014

mostly Fiction

Skin deep

Inside we burn
For more
Twirling around the middle
Looking for a place
To land
Like a moth to a flame
We are attracted by its shine
Where you land makes no matter
For you will easily find your way
To the center of it all
Spinning and winning your way through
You find the shine doesn’t go all the way
To its core
More of a surface reflection
How disappointing that was
To find out after all you have been through
It’s beauty was only
Skin deep

Chris McQueeney    11/13/14

I am finding that it is a worthwhile challenge to write everyday and to put out a poem every day. As far as the poetry goes I don't necessarily write one every day but on some days I put together two or three maybe even more, so I stockpile them for rainy days, On some days the poetry I write is representative of how I am doing, while on others it is purely fiction...Mostly fiction though..............

1 comment:

Wine and Words said...

I think the world, as a surface, holds a false reflection. We must look inwards, with centered eyes, and there my friend lies the difficulty. We are not centered. We are "twirling around the middle" as you put it. Our own judgment is skewed and the world's far worse! Tough!