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Friday, November 21, 2014

Who would you be? would you step up or slink away

What would I

If god were sitting
Next to you
On the bus one day
Would you say hello
Or would you turn your cheek
And act like you didn’t see him
What if you knew who it was
Would you pepper him
With question after dumb question
Why god why did you
Why didn’t you,
Would you play it cool
And let him tell you
What he would
Prophecy or proclamation
Taking it all in like a
Divine puppet
Modern day prophet
What if God rode
Next to you and didn't
Say a word
Just smiled at you sadly
Would you tell him your sins
Would you expose the deep dark
Unload on him
Or would you tell him
Of the blessings of your life
Those things you are oh so grateful for
Would you thank god for another breath
One night I asked god to save me for my children
I don’t think I could survive another prayer like that one
What would I
What could I
What have I
What should I
What will I

Chris  McQueeney    11/20/2014

1 comment:

christopher said...

Pretty much your best work I know of. Those last lines knock it out of the park. The one about surviving your prayer is first class.