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Monday, November 17, 2014

fillin it two fer today

near to center

We tend to like freaks
In this neck of the woods
They slink from
Corner to corner
Without even coming
Near to center
We tend a bit towards
Around these parts
See that’s my cousin over there
Hair’s white from a fright a while back
He begins the knight with a right nice tempo
Over there we got tommy two tone
Can’t sing worth a dam but when he’s up
Everyone’s up but when he’s down
You don’t even want to be around

We tend towards don’t play well with others
Around these parts
Around these parts

Chris McQueeney    11/17/14


kj said...

i love it when you play with words.

this one's damn good.


christopher said...

I keep lookin round
the edges of the dead pond
for one sign of life.

Is that freakish enough a Haiku?