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Monday, December 1, 2014

Monday morning poetry

Isn’t she beautiful

The light in your eyes
Is a thing to behold
forth from you
Like a shield
Piercing me to my core
Science is supposed to
Answer everything
But how can anything
Answer you to me
As if you were an equation
X’s and Y’s
In sequences
Leading to the explanation
Of you
But how can something like you
Be quantified
You are no base mineral
To be categorized
And catalogued
But you are
to be held in awe

Chris McQueeney    11/30/14

So, I had a good Thanksgiving. I got to see my family from my dad's side there were about 14 of us at my aunt Nancy's home. The food was good so was the conversation. After the festivities I got to spend a little time with my aunt and uncle an an excursion to take me to my kids...all in all a good Thanksgiving evening.

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christopher said...

I like what happened for you. I also like the quietude that happened for me.