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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

This time last year

So well

Starlight traces the sky
And on the wall the reflection
Of lights as I lay down to slumber
The blanket so warm covering me
And the thought of a tree in the other room
Warming me even farther
Christmas is on its way
At time of year where it is expected
To be excited and have the wiggles
Because for those few days
I won’t be able to keep it in
Probably will have to spend some time in the car
By myself if it gets to be too much
I hate the silence of that little Toyota
And being by myself when they were all in there
And being by myself
When they were all in there having fun
But Christmas isn’t all about that
It is about caring and sharing
And being with those you love
Starlight traces the sky
And reflection on the wall
A comfort to a child that didn’t sleep
So well

Chris McQueeney    12/23/14

This time last year I was homeless. I had been sleeping where ever I could and one of those places was a bridge downtown. Today is Christmas, one year ago yesterday I got out of the mental hospital for the seventh or eighth time that year. I spent all last week in the hospital so I got some feelings of being stuck in a cycle. My life is in much better than it was this time last year and for that I am grateful... 


Christy Sandburg Jason-Pritchard Clinton said...

hope that you have a good Christmas.
your poetry inspires.
love going through the lines.

Christy Sandburg Jason-Pritchard Clinton said...

hello, happy holidays.

encouraging you to submit a haiku to us today,