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Saturday, December 13, 2014

12/13/14 strange

Cardboard hotel

I awoke this morning ‘
Only to find
I was the only thing
Left behind
Can you imagine that
Leaving me to molder
In this two chicken hovel’
I am worth more than that
Of that I know for sure.
But others have a differing opinion
They would see me in a cardboard hotel
Begging for change just to feed myself
You wonder why homeless do drugs or drink
Well you would too if you were in their situation
Did you know how painful it is to be homeless?
And did you know how hard it is to get out of that situation
And if you are blessed to get out there are a whole set of new problems
You go from a life of destitute to a life of requirement
Do this do that be where we tell you
You spent a life surviving all odds
And they want to treat you as a child
But you need it
There is nothing wrong with being a child
But that is why so few make it
It is hard being homeless take it from one who has been there
It is even harder being homefull

Chris McQueeney    12/2014

Got no internet cept for my phone, and my kids want to play with kid is sick, the other not...makes for a long day

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