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Monday, December 22, 2014


I didn't know any better

Life has its pitfalls and it is not always

possible to  avoid them

can you imagine living in the times of Pompei

just going about your business

and Bam...the mount you have always loved

explodes on you burying your life under

a mound of super heated silica

that's what you are to me you are my Pompeii

you exploded and buried me in your venting

I had no warning nor defense

I have been mummified by your vitriol

Scalded and dried at the same time

Thousands of years from now

archaeologists will debate how this came to be

I was smiling when you hit me

I am still smiling now an articulated grin

that came from within when I saw you

I didn't know any better

Chris McQueeney    12/22/14


Shadow said...

Exceptional image...

Brian Miller said...

life comes at you fast....and you have to learn to roll with it...unless it is a volcano...cause that pretty much changes everything...