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Saturday, December 27, 2014

but the sea

A bit o elbow grease

Put your caps on
And look lively
This tub won’t sail
Er self
Look lively I said
And I meant it
Cappin’ll be watching
And I’ll be damned if
You misrepresent me
Or this ship
Put your backs to it boys
That’s it, bit o elbow grease
To smooth the way
That’s it boys
No ease till port
But who needs ease
We got the sea
With the wind to our backs
And the sun to our front
What more can a man want for
But the sea

Chris McQueeney    12/27/14


Shadow said...

Damn, that would be good round about now, some smoooooth sailin'

Wander said...

Yeah, it would

Wander said...

Yeah, it would