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Friday, December 19, 2014

just a poem and a check in

For some time

Wishing I could be
a practitioner
of stockpiling health
holding on to it
for some later day
I could gather it
 for some time
when I will use it
to make you
dance in the glow
all beter again
then we could both
stockpiling health
not like misers
we could share the wealth
like givers of health
and be together
and we could be together

Chris McQueney    12/19/14

hings are stabelizing and I still can't spell worth a shit, but that's ok normally spell check takes care of it but I am on the hospital computer for now and it doesnt have Crome...that is it for now


Anonymous said...

the essential Rumi give er a look see

christopher said...

Like all your work and this one stands out a beet.

Shadow said...

Would be nice if we could do that. Same with happiness...

Brian Miller said...

ha. glad that things are settling down a bit for would def be nice if we could hold health for when we really need it....