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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

soft one

All I need

I saw you so many times today
        Your dress was blue and
                      Your hair was astray
I wish I could see you like that again
                             All I need from you
                    Is to tell me when
When I can see you again
What do you say
                Can I
See you
Really I have never
Seen something so lovely
As you
                 Can I
        See you again
Doesn’t have to be much
       Just a split in the
     And you just
       Walking by
And I only gaining a glimpse
            of you
        if even just out of the corner
  of my eyes
That would be enough
Till the next time
Can I
Oh Please
Can I see you

Chris McQueeney    12/24/14

1 comment:

christopher said...

LOL. You are old enough now and beat up enough and conscious enough through your body and despite your body that you might even mean this mostly aesthetically instead of mostly seductively. This is of course square in the middle of seductive behavior to say such things directly to a woman.