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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Have you ever given it a thought

The peaker has awoken

Sleep is a four letter word
Sleep is a necessity in case you haven’t heard
They say I’ll get the sleep I need when I die
About that point in the conversation I wish
To put a fork in their eye
You will get enough when you die
What a load of crap that is
What if you realize you just can’t make it
What are you supposed to do then
Allegory just doesn’t cut it when you have peaker
You know the kind, you are walking desperately from
Where ever you started maybe your desk or the boardroom
And the peaker is creeping its way out of your shorts
And you clench and clench but it just won’t stop
Sleep is just that way…what if you get a peaker
And your sleeper decides to rear its ugly head

Chris McQueeney    12/4/14

Oh yeah this is my fourhundred and second post hope you like

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christopher said...

That's a little dark and possibly squishy.