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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Test to see if my audience thinks my poetry is publishable

let me know if you think this work is publishable...comment at the bottom of the page

the rain god

The Sun God could visit
It would be a nice thing
We could sit on the patio  
Talk of this, that, and other things
Reliving days gone bye
Also days yet to be

Alas, the Cloud God is camping
Hanging with his cousin Rain King
The ground is wet
The sky is grey
Bringing back to me

If the sun god could visit
It would be a nice thing
Maybe then I wouldn't have to worry
About the f’ing Rain King

Goodbye to you my dear
You have been gone
For most of a year
Ghost pains
From a limb taken away
Remind me how I could say
For you
I would burn the motherfucker
It's true
But that would be
Just for the ghost
Of you and me
On Monday I'm on my way
To sign the papers
That say
The ghosts of me and you
Have gone, their separate,

Chris McQueeney    6/22/12    9:31 P.M
For you

I would strip my soul bare
And throw it at your feet to use
For you
Strip my soul
For you

I would break my crown
And tear my palace down brick by brick
For you
Brick by brick
For you

And burn the mother fucker down
For you….

Chris McQueeney    5/3/12

Better side

Screaming inside
Trying to find a frame Of mind
Trying to find a place
To hide from the demon inside
Grinning at the wheel
Driving the machine
Forcing the gears
To align opposed from
My better side
The screaming inside
Drowning the world out
Gears grinding the wheels turning
While my entire life is crashing
And burning

Chris McQueeney    7/28/12    2:16 P.M.

1 comment:

Brian Miller said...

the rain king rules here as well...its been raining for like 4 days....