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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Skin tight

Second hand skin

Have you ever had one of those days
Where you want to rip off your own skin
And take a nap in your own flesh
Skin slipper they would call you
And you would be special for that moment
Maybe even wrap yourself up in your flesh
And do a little turn in it like you were showing
The runway in gay Paris where they all twirl
Then afterwards you could shed your skin like water
And have a party where everyone tried to guess
Who was who by the skins they through on
What would you win in a contest like that
And after all that trouble what if you were to find
The skin walker wearing your skin didn’t want to give it back
Where would you go then you would  be the talk of the town
Would you slip skinless to the second hand store to buy a new set
A new set to you you second hand skin walker
Would you then regret your decision or would you put it off
 Like it could happen to anyone you just got a little over your head
That’s it…just got a little over your head

Chris McQueeney    12/10/14

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