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Friday, December 12, 2014

the glue that binds

Try and try and try

What do you do
When things don’t go your way
There is nothing left to do
Nothing left to say
What do you do
When the glue
That binds things together
Fails you
And everything comes unraveled
What do you do
Do you give up
Throw your hands in the air and
Stomp your feet
Or do you try
And try and try
To make things different
No matter that you are broken
The parts must fit together again
Where is the duct tape
It held the bomb together
It can fit your pieces together again
Even if they will be misshapen
Try as you might
You are broken
Things won’t fit tight
Never again
But you gotta try
Gotta try

Chris McQueeney 12 12 14

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