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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

greener pastures

That ship

That ship has sailed
So they say
The grass is always greener
On the other side
If that is the case
You can never reach
The greener side because
The fence is just too damned high
That ship has sailed
So they say
But they don’t say where it has
Sailed to
Has it sailed to greener pastures?
If so it may just be a lawn boat
Can you imagine that
A lawn boat floating on greener grass
I can I guess you just need to have
A good imagination

Chris McQueeney

This was actually supposed to post yesterday, but I guess I didn't hit post...oh well I was trying and it can post today just as easily as yesterday. My check in goes as follows: 1) I hurt my back   2) went to the Dr's    3) not much they can do for it but pain meds and muscle relaxers. I have to see my primary Dr. to see if I need a MRI. Wish me luck!


kj said...

hope that back appreciates rest and care, chris. i have one of those too :^)

interesting image: a lawn boat

happy happy new year!

Wine and Words said...

Doctors. Bleh. I don't really trust them anymore, but I am wishing you a quick recovery from this latest difficulty. I too like the lawn boat image. Sail away Christopher, into the bright future of a new year :)