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Sunday, December 7, 2014

believe just a bit

And the Magic

Do you believe in magic
The bells and whistles
Do you believe in the mundane
Flow charts and numerical graphs
Which would you rather wake up to
Dragons of myth parading up and down your lane
Only to find out it is only Hollywood cinimagic
Oh to be a child again
If for but a moment
Everything sharp and new
Anything possible
Sprites and gnomes around every corner
And Santa
I do have to thank Hollywood
They give us that moment
That moment of innocence when thousands
Of balloons can make a house fly
And the magic of that one kiss
They started romance and perfected it with a beast

Chris McQueeney    12/7/14

1 comment:

christopher said...

With a different life path you could have been a Hollywood guy. Every single person in the industry had a start date or the right relatives or something. You can build your own magic. That's what this thing is about.