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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

quick check in

and for now

I am sitting here
With hip hop playing
In the background
in a hospital
it has all the usual smells
astringent and shit
Took a bit
to get
me to come again
the psych ward just
 wouldnt be the same
without BigE Smalls
beat hittin off
I think today
about why I came
this malady in my brain
the thing that keps um
 comming back for more
I been down
in the dumps above me
you can find the door to
this particular cellar
The front of a moving car
looks fine to me and
I wonder if I am over reacting
better yet my fear of being here
is wondering if I am
reacting rightly
I am here for now
and for now am here

Chris McQueeney    12/17

I am curently in a hospital for a stabilization. I have been very down lately and it has been building up on me...I will try to check iin every day but not sure that I can.....

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Shadow said...

you've made the right decision. steady good wishes...