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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Empty faces

Empty faces

A bitter heart
is an empty place 
full of empty people 
empty faces
how then should I go 
from this trace of you
I find and see
in everything
or is it an echo 
of a trace of you
either way 
those bitter empty faces
mind their manor
more often than not 
Not trespassing too often
or for too long

Wander  12/13/14

My poetry is often just generated by emotion, or the idea of emotion. They are mostly fiction. Often I get inspiration by reading other peoples poetry or pros. This poem was written in response to a poem, or rather by the emotion that poem brought to me. I have gotten the most inspiration from a few poets and this particular poem was brought about by Christopher at View from thenorthern wall. Christopher is a longtime friend in the real world and is also the reason I built my blog in the first place. He is a very talented poet and writer.

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christopher said...

I am sad to know that you have had to go in again. If you bang up your hands then they toughen up to take it. Not so the brain. That's fucked. Take care, my friend.