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Friday, November 22, 2013


It Grew

We fell in love
This is true
We fell hard,
Me...and then you

We fell in love
Me and you
Fell hard indeed 
As only few do

I fell hard
If only I knew
How into hardness I fell
And only it grew

We fell in love
But into hardness it grew
Falling into hardness broke me
My falling broke you too

Christopher McQueeney 9:45 P.M. 11/22/2013

Their may be a flashlite at the end of the tunnle...maybe even a lantern because I am starting to see where my feet are landing...i was diagnosed with encephalopathy, toxic...only took sixteen months for dr's to reach that conclusion. any info you can share would be greatly appreciated...


Brian Miller said...

quite tragic in the falling and being broken...there is still beauty in the broken...

at least you know what it is...and can determine treatment right?

christopher said...

Check Google and go to several sites to see what they all say. "Encephalopathy, toxic" returns links. Some may be bs. Most will be more or less straight up. Then discard the 80% that doesn't belong to you. Generate questions and take those questions to and appointment with the docs who gave you the diagnosis and find out what they think if you can.

kj said...

chris, that diagnosis can sound scary and dire. important to know what tests have been done and what's recommended before you let the diagnosis label you or what's to come.

i have a strong feeling you will be alright.

and i certainly will be glad when you are blogging again. this poem is great: you play with words so well!

take care, hang in