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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Stuff for saturday

Only you know

Where will you go
When you find 
There's no road here
Will you pout
Stamp your pretty little feet
What path will you swallow
No road here
Gotta go back
Or, will you put your head down
Blaze yourself a trail
From here to there
Only you know
Word to the wise though
Get to the gettin
While the gettin's good

Chris McQueeney  8/2/14

I made a venture into the working world for the first time in over two years. While the venture was a success what came after was not so successful. For most of a week I was unable to do most things except the bare minimum. Now that I have basically recouped from the venture I am reassessing what capacity I can work, and what level of suffering I am willing to go through to fulfill that goal...We shall see what my higher power puts in front of me.


Brian Miller said...

good job taking the step...and you will have to re-find those limits as you wishes man

christopher said...

You have gained quite an education in the isolation that suffering causes as well.

kj said...

got to allow for work tolerance to build up gradually. i hope you can take your time. you also have a state division of voc. rehab. if needed to help you figure out your needs and options.

i'm so glad you're moving forward, chris. one day at a time xo