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Friday, September 9, 2011

Is Away

This life is a trippy thing. But it is the only one I have and I would do almost anything to keep it. The same is true for my children, the onetime something almost happened to my son I would have ran through a brick wall to get to him. In fact, had I the need….

On a key chain
Dangling there
Maybe a conversation piece
Dyed a garish shade of blue
You may have a paw
But the rest of me
Is away


christopher said...

Tonto Had Something To Say
(overheard when they struck the set on that last Tuesday)

Go to any length
is what you told me as if
I would believe you,
take it to the bank.
When found in trees after that
they mistook me for
some sort of raccoon
up there all riled up, Masked Man,
fringe framed confusion,
old Kimo Sabe,
you the brass Clayton Moore to
my Jay Silverheels.

He ment well said...

Christopher, I had to look up the names you used in your poem. Maby just a slow morning I could have just infered who they were. 5:44 is early.

christopher said...

I had to look up Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels myself. The names didn't appear in the first writing nor the second either. I listened on the radio and that wasn't Clay and Jay. Nor was it on the records, which were probably produced by the radio people. I will be posting this later today. I was up at 3:30 but went back to bed after this.

Wine and Words said...

Poor rabbit. I love the poem and that tenacious bunny who continued to live fully as a tripod.