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Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday mauling

The air between

The best thing that
Can be said
About you
Is that that
Hole in your
Spilling filth
And insu a tions
Has been filled
With superglue
The air rubbing
That vacant place
Between your ears
Made a queer sound
Offensive to hear
Much better now
Your hole's been
Closed off to sound
No more drama
And bullshit spreading
Tied to you
That hole is made
It's a flat place
Filled with super glue

Chris McQueeney 10:20 AM

This is actually a light one


Brian Miller said...

wow...still pretty intense...hope all is well man...sounds like someone has been up to no good...

Wander said...

Nah Brian:-)
Just word play in my head
About super glue:-)