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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday Offering

Even though

There we were
With the world at our feet
Dreams at our fingertips
Standing so close
Yet so far away
Wouldn’t dream of being
Anywhere else but with you
Every day after
Measured and weighed
Bar set so high
I’ll say
The world dimmed today
Standing so close
Yet so far away
And I knew
If you knew
Your face would change
And you would step away
So close I’ll hold
This memory tight
How close you stood
To me today
Your touch
Just a fingertip away
As I rest my weary head tonight
This memory of you
I’ll hold so close inside
So close we stood today
Even though you are so far away

Chris McQueeney ©2015

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DEE DEE said...

A very beautiful poem

Berowne said...

Beautiful writing, and quite moving.

Elena Sands said...

Aw. This is so sweet, so full of longing. <3

kaykuala said...

How one yearns for a loved one. It keeps love alive. Great lines Chris!


Wayne said...

Nicely done👍

Carol Campbell said...

Our mids can bring those we love so close but not always close enough. Very well said!

SilverGardenia said...

That's so beautiful.