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Sunday, November 13, 2016

This life of mine...

I can see
In real time

I can see
The lie
in your eyes
In your smile
In the tears
As they dry
On your cheeks
that don't bend
I can see
What you think
How you feel
How you blink
How you sigh
How your chest
As your heart
Its last
I can see
and I think
AndI think
As a heart breaks
As it breaks
As it breaks
As as I watch
As I watch it
It breaks
Our love dies
And I think
This is what
A heart looks like
No more lies
As it Breaks
our love dies
As my heart breaks
As it breaks
 I watch it
In real time

Christopher McQueeney ©2016 WanderWithout Publications inc.
There is so much to write, so much...My Health is declining as my mind is slowly braking and I have barely been maintaining...two months ago I had to leave home to seek care for my has been a stange journey, and even though I have yet to accomplish what I set out for, I have experanced the best and the worst of humanity...there is a desperation in our country. It is not cominmg from thd very poor either. It is 

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Shadow said...

There is desperation in the very air we breathe, whether we are in Europe, America or Africa, it is in this world... your breaking heart, my breaking heart, all part of the echo disturbing and disrupting the rhythm...