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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Not all who wander are lost. J.R.R. Tolkien

Echoes the best

I do not try to mend the bell
For that way
Lies pure folly
Cracked though the bell may be
From inside that void
Echoes the best
Of me

Chris McQueeney 1/12/12 12:13 PM

Favorite author series #3

In the future you will read from me about authorsthat have brought me here. When I say here I mean to this place in my life where I am writing. Writing has always been a dream of mine...and I am doing it.
For now I am writing short fiction, poems and non fiction. I do have one fiction book in the works, but that one will take some time to write. I decided that my first book would be non fiction, maybe posed as fiction, because not many who don't know me will believe the crap I put myself through...
Back to the topic at hand. Where I want to go eventually with my writing is Sifi and fantasy. The author that I wanted to talk of today Is J.R.R. Tolkien, who's quote is the name of this post and also the inspiration for my blog and blog identity. Tolkien took a style of writing and revamped it by not only telling a story, but by building a world around his story. That is what is so good about his writing. Correct me if I am wrong but I think the whole concept of world building was created by Tolkien. In his writing he is not telling a story, he is taking one thread from a vast tapestry, unweving it a short way and letting you view the images on it with a magnifying glass. So skillfully does he do this He was then able to put that thread back with no one the wiser for years.
This brings me to the reason I am not writing fantasy yet, world building. I don't want to use someone else's world at this time, and I have not begun to build one of my own yet. I want to hone or establish a style, and get more practice before I wander in that direction....but I will!

Chris McQueeney 2/1/2012 10:49 PM

The above poem was inspired by a poem from Erin's In search of white space. I couldnt find the direct link to the spacific poem, but the link I have will take you to a page that has the poem, just scrol down to post from Jan 11th 2012 I was going to write something funny or smart assed but I couldnt think of anything so just click here!


Ruth said...

Better to ring the bell as it is, quite right. All the best to you and your writing, especially building that world. Funny, my husband was just telling me the other evening that he worked at a factory with a guy who had read LOTR maybe 100 times. He was convinced that JRR had found the world he wrote of in an archeological site when he was in school in Austria (if I remember right). I don't think there is much veracity to his claim, but it's a thought: find a world! :-)

Thanks for your nice visit via Erin.

erin said...

chris, your poem is wonderful. so much exists inside the broken and inside the void. who are we to tamper with this kind of perfection?


Wander said...

Erin, thank you! I am adding a link to this post to the poem of yours that inspired it.

kj said...

aw chris, it's so interesting to hear your thoughts about writing. maybe you will write a fictionalized memoir? i am kind of doing that: i am in a memoir group with three other writers and one incredible teacher/editor. i thought i was writing a novel, and then a memoir, and now it will be what it will be. you are wise to get hold of your world before you try to share it. exciting.

the brevity of this and all your poems is so cool! this message is so important. better to be an imperfect me than a perfect not me.


Wine and Words said...

AWESOME poem. Why the hell are we always trying to mend the cracks? What would be left for the wind to whistle through?

Lydia said...

Your poem is wonderful and quite profound!