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Saturday, February 18, 2012

We are not above what is

Walk with me

Hold my hand I’ll lead the way
Walk with me I’ve much to say
That life lead it’s done today
No need for tears don’t look away
Let go my hand it’s time you lead the way
Walk with me we’ve no need to stay
Wipe away the tears walk through the pain
That life you lived is done today

The sun streaming through the windows had a dingy tint. Not comforting to the eye, grim. A young man sits, fists clenched, face contorted in anger. He appears to be on the verge of striking the man across from him.
The color of his collar the only thing at odds with the rest of his appearance the man stood easily, not wilting under the glare. With a look of understanding the man spoke patently. “You do not understand, this anger serves you no purpose. You cannot stay, cannot stay. Would that it were otherwise but we are not above what is.” Taking two steps forward the older man offers his hand to the younger.
Snarling the young man struck the offered hand away and jumped to his feet. “NO”, he screams “you don’t understand they need me, Amy needs me! How can you ask me to leave, tell me I cannot stay? Who the hell do you think you are? I can’t just leave, I can’t!”
Bowing his head the young man’s voice took on a pleading tone, almost desperate. “Please, please, she won’t be able to make it without me, she’s only nine. Who will take care of her, keep her safe? I have to be here for her.”
Offering his hand the older man steps closer to the younger, his eyes soften even further. “Take my hand son, we need to go. Where they have gone you have no power to help. Take my hand and walk with me. Hold your head up, and wipe away your tears. You have to be strong for them. That is what they need from you now”
The sun streaming through the window had a dingy tint, grim. The young man places his hand in the elder’s grasp, and walks. From his other hand falls to the floor a crumpled and smoothed paper….

With love and gratitude we remember and celebrate the lives of
Emily Ann post, Donald Ray post, and Amy lee post
The lord has taken them home
May they rest in his hand

2 PM April 9th 2001
Saint Paul’s Catholic Church
1203 11th ave
Bethel landing Oh  

In lew of flowers the church has asked for donations to the orphanage

Chris McQueeney  2/18/12    10:25 PM

*The above poem, story, and notice are works of fiction. Any resemblance to actual places or people is completely unintentional*


kj said...

hi chris, man, you have your own style! three parts that tell the story separately and together. i swear this is a real event. no? see, your writing has that authencity to it.

do you know the shortest novel ever written? earnest hemingway in six words:

for sale. baby shoes. never worn.

your sad tail reminded me of that.

take care, chris!

Brian Miller said...

you def doa great job the approach to this...and you make it so believable...

Other Mary said...

Each part is complete in and of itself, but the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Cool.

Susie Clevenger said...

The grandeur of a storyteller...I agree with Brian...this piece is totally believable

She Writes Here Now said...

I like the way you broke this into pieces and yet it is smoothly connected. I must admit, I am not a fan of poetry that rhymes, but the word play here works beautifully.

BTW Thanks for your kind words at my blog! Always looking for writers to read in blogland. I see I have found one :).

Helena said...

The segments incorporate and detach wonderfully.

Wander said...

Thank you!

Wander said...

Cool I normaly don't like rhyming poems either but the words wouldnt come out any other way...this poem had four different incarnations and this was the most functional of the four. The story and program came to me within seconds of typing the last line of the poem.

Wander said...

Thank you Susie! I just feel it, I don't know where the ideas come from, they just do.

Wander said...

Thank you other! They are all three a piece of the puzzle.

Wander said...

Thank you Brian, That is what I want to be when I grow up, a story teller:-)

Wander said...

Thank you Kj, you have a way of making me fell good about the world...I dont know that I could be compaired to Hemingway...even if that wasnt your intent I will smile any way ;-)