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Monday, December 10, 2012

Been a bit off lately.

easily break

This loss of mine
Makes it hard to find
to keep some piece of mind
Where would I be though
Without this loss
in a life of ease
They say a rolling stone
Gathers no moss
All I can say
Just one day
One week, one month
a year
Can I be a brick
or block
a tile or stone paved way
They all may get walked on
For all of that
They don't easily break

Chris McQueeney 12/10/12


Ben Ditty said...

Breathtaking, Chris. Great comeback!

Kim Stapf said...

Beautiful Chris, just beautiful❤❤

Brian Miller said...

welcome back man...the getting walked on without breaking is so poignant...nicely built little verse...

so how are you doing?

She Writes said...

I have used some of the words from the beginning of this more than once, out loud, evaluating.

Personally, I have a weakness for a stone paved way. I want one--literally. Blocks. Not so much. But in some cases even block are useful. It's good to see you writing :). You always make me stop and think.

Anonymous said...

Breathe. (It's your only obligation.)

Sometimes, just exhaling a few words helps a little.

The tears of a fighter water the ground differently. The only easy day was yesterday, Chris. Inhale, exhale, walk on.

Natasha Head said...

And every bruise the heels of their hard soled shoes have left on my back is another trophy proving me the victor...fantastic self reflection...loved it!

Heaven said...

Short but powerful write Chris ~

Great to see you ~

Laurie Kolp said...

Good to see you... sorry about your loss, though.

Mary said...

A powerful statement here.