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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Friday 55

As they bite

Fuck you
You don’t know
The pain inside
Because it’s right here
In my face
In my life
It is impossible to hide
Those tiny little gears
Are all I hear
As they grind away
At my soul
As they bite
With their teeth
They take more of me than
I’ll ever care to know

Chris McQueeney    11/26/12    3:16 P.M.

FF 55 flash fiction friday in 55 words as per request :-)


Brian Miller said...

interesting man....the gears inside make me think your thoughts...and then put to with what they chew up or take....nice piece man...

She Writes said...

As per request :)? Nice!

This reminds me of a saying I like and I will loosely translate:

Be kind to everyone, for everyone is fighting a battle of some kind.

I guess for many of us, it may only be the things that eat us away silently from the inside.

G-Man said...

A deeply introspective piece of writing here My Friend.
Tres Formidable!!!
Most excellent 55
Thanks for playing, I sure wish you would have posted a bit earlier, I think the other contributors would had loved this.
Have a Kick Ass Week-End

Linc said...

Nice, the grinding and biting of the gears' teeth is a powerful image.

kj said...

what an image, chris. i know some people who has nstagamus (did i spell that right) and hear sounds inside their head all the time. what an affliction. your poem sounds like that.

another time when i hope it's literary license and not your current howdy-do...


M. E. Franco said...

Love this poem. Nice!

Ben Ditty said...

Powerful rhythm. I'm seeing the gears symbolic of time.

Other Mary said...

Oh Chris, that's powerful. And I can imagine the gears are your own thoughts or something from outside you. Great description of those small, continual agonies, and I'm really sorry if it's autobiographical.