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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The 14th member

Thief in the night

I sought through
Profanity and discord
To rob that dragon
Of his hoard
This two handled cup
Is mine
And I’ll rightfully say
He may be Smaug
But I still had my way

Chris McQueeney    11/26/12    2:50 P.M. 


Ben Ditty said...

Oo awesome! I need to read the Hobbit again.

Brian Miller said...

haha you have to be careful when you are bearding the dragon....

christopher said...

The Dwarf Has An Opinion

There is nothing quite
like a pissed off old dragon
who's just learned of you,
young thief. That old snake
has life to spare chasing you
and it amuses him
to think up payback.
You better get it ready
because there's no way
out of this hot spot
taking dragon's gold off him
has fired just for you.

She Writes said...

Dare I admit this? I had to google Smaug :)! My mom loved the hobbit. Her favorite book. I have never been able to get into it, though I have tried. I know, I know. I should read it :).

I thought this was an analogy for other battles, as it could be:
I sought through
Profanity and discord
To rob that dragon
Of his hoard

JustinBog said...

Off to see The Hobbit and I'm not being Smaug about that either . . . thanks for a great wake-up poetry today.

Wine and Words said...

I'm spinning off at "two handled cup". It is working its way through my brain into something important. (i think)

Katherine - Real Food Runner said...

Thanks for the follow. :)