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Friday, November 16, 2012

Those infinite possibilities

Held apart

Sleep well the little children
Their comfort deemed important
For now rest in comfort
That the world is a safe place

Sleep well the little children
Dream deep those worlds
Those infinite possibilities
Of a life fresh and new

Sleep well the little children
Still for now, sheltered
Held apart from hate
And pain, and deprivation

Sleep well the little children
Comfort of a warm bed
From your sleep awake
To a world renewed

Chris McQueeney     11/11/12    12:39 A.M.


Brian Miller said...

ah i wish all children had such reassurance you know...a warm bed and home in which to dream...

christopher said...

And you have learned the depth of commitment maintaining those safe places requires. And also how mature experience differs from childhood experience, and why the transition is often so rough for us all.