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Monday, November 19, 2012

Open link night

His due

Angels are all well
And good
With their wings
And such
But heaven is a long way Away
And the devil expects
His due

You say you'll pray
For me
That's what you'll do
I hope that is of comfort to you
But heavens a long way Away
And the devil expects
His due

You ask if I regret that day
And I truly do
Not what I did to that man
Only for how it’s affected you
But heavens a long way Away
And the devil expects
His due

You wonder of I'll miss anything
Woman of course I'll miss you
But unlike some the lord above
Surely knows
Heaven is a long way Away
And the devil's gonna get
His due

Chris McQueeney    11/19/12    9:27 P.M.

Tomorrow at noon I will be linking this to dVerse Poets Pub for open link night...that is a poetic free for all...check it out.


Brian Miller said...

woot. smiles...see you then....well hopefully its far away because you are still young and have plenty of life left right? smiles.

the repetition gives this kind of a folksy lyrical feel

She Writes said...

I like the meter of this very much. Capping "Away" works quite well sitting next to way. The second to the last and final stanzas are quite powerful. As you often cause me to do, I wonder where you write this piece from. I love that about poetry. Yours does that.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a blues song. Ever write lyrics?

Natasha Head said...

Give me verse two with a side of killing blow, if you don't mind. LOVE it. And I say verse, because like those who have commented before, the repetition is begging to be bought on itunes...

ayala said...

A powerful piece !

Claudia said...

with the repetition this sounds like a you should sing it for us in the pub one day i think...smiles

Serena said...

and the devil expects his due but I think you've outwitted him... poor guy...awesome poem

Nimue said...

yes Devil wants his due ..
but I hope you are not on his list ever !

Interesting write ..

Mary said...

I enjoyed this very much and loved the refrain. Just gotta keep hoping the devil gets his due somewhere else.LOL.