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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Smiles everyone

Wicked ass music

A crazy fuck
Rolling down the street
Hearing wicked ass music
The rage unleashed
Fists flying to the beat
Of the jam in his head
“I see a red door and I want to paint it black”
He reaches over and
Gives that old woman a slap
When she looks at him she screams
With a savage grin he knocks her back
And forth to the wicked beat in his head
“I wanna see the sun, blotted out from the sky”
“I wanna see it painted, painted, painted, painted black”
As he walks away
To beats only he can hear
Were he to look
On the street behind him
That old woman’s life been
“painted, painted, painted black”

Chris McQueeney    11/8/12    10:33 P.M.

Rolling Stones Paint It Black supply the lines that are in quotations

This one is a bit Dark...not to be a representation of my inner soul, or feelings...compleatly fictional..

Image by Michael Gibbs


Brian Miller said...

great i know most of the words too and can easily recognize every time it comes on...and even being fictional, if only it did not feed the inner dark in us spilling out on those around us...

hope you are breathing a bit better these days friend...

kj said...

This is fantastic, Chris ! Written and read to the beat of the music, the beat of colorless, the beat of dispair and rage

What a visual! One of your very best

I know I'm behind. But not absent :-)


christopher said...

I hear your voice in this one. Only thing I would correct. This is not "a bit dark", it is really really dark.

Life Is Hard, Man
And Then You Die

The last time I saw
you weaving your way around
this tiresome shit town
you were too too high
and couldn't really talk much
about what you needed
from me or what else
you might want from the old crowd
that is anyway
not much around here
these days. Some have died you know.
Too much bad around.
I'm headed out too.
Soon you'll be all alone here,
you and your bad brain.

Ben Ditty said...

This was hardcore, my friend!

She Writes said...

Nice! I like what you did with this. I also like the song.