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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

View from above

To leap

Love is like a door
Opened into infinity
At times precariously balanced
Over the precipice
Not tumbling
Not falling
But choosing instead
To leap

Chris McQueeney    10/31/12    9:01 P.M.

this has been linked to Hyde Park Poetry Rally week 76


Susie Clevenger said...

That is such a true description of love.

Brian Miller said... means all the more when you choose to leap eh? is a crazy thing...

christopher said...

Your poem and your thought got to me and I remembered a time and place:

Love's Renewal

Halfway down the slope
no longer in charge of things
and knowing it's so -
trying to recall
what it felt like to choose love -
or whatever this
may be as I feel
it now - looking for some way
to explain the pain
of this confusion -
or really if I'm halfway
and then I see you
all brand new again.

Indiana Rosemary Watson said...

love the imagery your words formed.
Happy Rally.

Alissa Daimakepeace Schapiro said...

strong willed but vivid written words.

Ben Ditty said...

I've taken this leap but the bones don't always heal...

She Writes said...

Yes! It is that. There is always the eventuality of staying or going. Holding or having. Resisting or leaping. The trouble is, once we have leaped into an abyss, we tauter at the edge much longer the next time around... hopefully. And then again, what a shame to never leap again for the now acquired fear of smashing to the ground.

kj said...

yes to leaping, chris. but best to know when padding, a parachute or a person will break the fall


Robyn Greenhouse said...

Liked your description of love! Choosing to leap is always more fun!

Other Mary said...

Yes: full speed, both feet - GO! :o)

Nancy Perazil Federle said...

a wonderful word flow.