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Monday, October 29, 2012

Lifting the pieces

If I was to say

Broken as I was
I could say
I was broken the day you
Went away
That would be a
If I was to say
You broke me
The day you went away
That would be me implying
It wouldn't break me
If you were to stay
And that I wasn't
broken well
Before that day

Chris McQueeney    10/27/12    10:44 A.M.


Ben Ditty said...

Beautiful, Chris. The verses, the repetition. Always a treat :-)

christopher said...

A Cruel Cut

I watch the bath drain
see the circles sinking there,
hear the slurk suck me
into the cold dark
twists of iron that lead far
far away from here.
I'm now a weak mix
of gray water and thin blood
and getting thinner
as I go, go, go.

Brian Miller said...

nice....felt & understood man, damned if you do and if you don't...or at least broke....nice and twisty but also straight up...