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Saturday, October 13, 2012

two fer

Were I you

The sickness inside
At times it is hard to hide
Bubbling below it creeps up you know
At the most inappropriate times

You say to me “yes indeed,
 I really understand what you mean
Why just last week my calm got a little tweak.”
When that came out of your fucking mouth I wanted to scream

How the fuck could you know
Anything about where my brain can go
You fucking puke, your electricity is on
Your life isn’t gone, and you have a car you can drive

The sickness inside
At times is hard to hide
Boiling over the walls it splatters outside
At this point, were I you, I would step way aside…you understand?

Chris McQueeney    10/13/12    12:19 P.M.

All I ever wanted was for you to talk to me...I could spend my life watching your mouth form words. Your beautiful eyes opening wide with surprise, or  crinkling with humor. And my god your smile, I would kill for that smile to be directed at me.
All I ever wanted was for you to talk to me... 


Easy or not
Life is
A punchbowl
Over flowing with
All over the place…
Look there… over there
Just to your left/right
It’s happened again
Can’t you see it
On your hands
Your shoes
The carpet
Your life
You don’t
Not to worry
What’s on you
It’s on me too

Chris McQueeney    10/12/12    11:07 P.M.

My internet has been down for a while, and my writer has been on a hiatus...but last night I wrote like 7 poems, and worked on some other writing projects that have been suffering. 
Here is a thanks to all those in my life...also a special thanks to Christopher, and Shiloh...two of the best friends a man could have.


Wine and Words said...

Sounds like you released a lot of angst here. I am careful to not to say things like "I understand how you feel." I couldn't possibly. I might say, "I am trying to understand how you feel." or "I can imagine how heartbroken I would feel in a similar situation." But good God almighty, if I haven't walked the life in your shoes, I'll never truly know, even if you explain it. But poetry gets us closer, to knowing one another.

Green Monkey said...

it's so good to get it out....
and you know I get the overflow.

my shoulders tensed up as I read this. you always make me feel stuff. thank you. thats important

Brian Miller said...

wow all of a sudden your muse let loose....i can def feel the angst as well....i think sometimes we want less to be analyzed or understood than felt...that jumped out at me in the first one...and shit does happen and it gets everywhere....but hopefully it gets better...smiles.

Susie Clevenger said...

Writing is such great therapy. It lets you release what is inside...anger, joy, sorrow, pain..whatever. Excellent work on both of these!

Other Mary said...

Sounds like you have more than your share of 'shit happens' just now. Sorry...hope it's about run it's course.

Ben Ditty said...

Very powerful pieces, Chris. I admire your ability to be as honest as you are.

just a girl said...

i love watching mouths. it makes it almost impossible to listen. :)

nice writes here. chris, i don't think the words will ever leave you. they'll just hide for a bit, just makes you work harder.