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Sunday, November 11, 2012

slip the true nature

Take your places

Take your places please, smiles
Mustn't let slip the true nature
Of the “situation” we find ourselves in
Turn to your partner
Smile as if you mean it
Put some tooth into it
No, not like that
Mustn't let them think you might bite
Just a polite nibble
A gentle reminder only
The lights are on now
No sweat
Really, don’t sweat lest they see
What we want them not to see
Hold frame
You can relax…no more need to worry
They have been lolled into a comfortable bliss
If for only for one more night
Sleep well little ones
Mommy and daddy love you
Lights off

Chris McQueeney    11/11/12    12:03 A.M.


Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this. Am I right in thinking that this is a depiction of marriage/family life, the 'perfect picture' being created as a smoke screen for underlying battles and dysfunction? Loved that picture by the way, as powerful as your great poem.

Anonymous said...

the picture works so well with the poem. great work.

Brian Miller said...

this is just a bit scary...i wrote about the exact same thing for later joke..wrote it friday night i am not sure...the part so familiar to me is not letting the kids see....i hear you man...

christopher said...

I think the word is not *lolled but *lulled. Not certain, but if not then other things have to change.

The true depth of life in a child and the conundrum is ever the absence of personal experience coupled with lack of personal power. We come in fully formed from somewhere but that is a disaster here, for we cannot express it. To drive out this legacy of spirit and force construction of a new social form to stream the original power through is what parents have to do in their children even though in all their serious love they want to save the original beauty they see or sense in their children.

As so many are trained up to see, this is the original violence and all children ever carry the unavoidable wounds. We vow not to do it again to our own children but the very nature of things overrides our hope and the violence continues. No one is immune because to refuse souls entry here in this world is violence too. You cannot even refuse to participate parenthood without doing violence those unborn.

Anonymous said...

Terrific and slightly chilling poem - The sweat made me think of Richard Nixon (ha!) a big problem for him in presidential debates.

But of course, you are speaking of a more intimate situation - well done. k.

Grace said...

An unusual response...I think we all need to put on some mask to maintain peace specially in business or social situation ~ But when its family time, one should be comfortable enough to be oneself ~ But it depends of course on the nature of family ties ~

Beachanny said...

Another great family metaphor! The hypocrisy of family members and friends is almost impossible to overcome. There is in it the realization of betrayal, of ruthlessness, of life as merely pretense and it hardens one's heart at an early age and builds mistrust for a lifetime. Excellent piece!

Claudia said...

i think it's important (always depending on their age) to let them know enough but without frightening them..not easy to find this balance though

BerlinerinPoet said...

Wow scary and sad, but good. It definitely captures what you are trying to say.