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Monday, February 4, 2013


Our subject flows

Striding from behind the door
Our subject flows
Progress marked steadily
Across the floor
While lofting through the sky
The sun decides our subject’s fate
From bright to dark the sky goes
Upon the setting of the sun
What's happened to our subject
Only one man knows...why it is at night
He never shows

Christopher McQueeney    2/4/13    10:20 A.M.

This has been linked to dVerse poetry pub...go check them out...
Image credit goes to Mw Kaluta 1975


Brian Miller said... the comic art as well....i like watching hte shadows...they change so much as the sun moves on determining its a hint of The Shadow as well in this...smiles...

hey bring it to OLN tomorrow...

She Writes said...

I like the way you played with the shadows here.