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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Jimmy's faces come out in the rain

Face in the rain

When your strange
No one remembers your name
So you say
But it seems to me many remember your name
And you were fucking strange  
Went to your grave one day
Stood for a while wondering
what you would say
So many came to see your name
They had to take it away  
When your strange
You die in France
Then one day you are an urban legend
And people will fuck On your grave
Fuck on the grave With no name
And cry because they weren't there
To see To hear To catch some sweat as you gyrated... As you expired  
When you're strange
No one remembers your name
So you say
Oh, wait so you said You are not able to say
That's right You're fucking dead

Chris McQueeney 3/11/13


Brian Miller said...

ha....yeah i rather liked the doors back in the day but seriously think i would draw the line on having sex on his grave...smiles.

Ben Ditty said...

I hope I'm not fucking the dead ;-)

Loved the piece.

jaerose said...

Dear Jim- yes his grave is a strange pilgrimage..27 is not a magic age to's a magic age to start making your name..

Anonymous said...
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