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Monday, March 25, 2013

This bottle of Gin

Half empty again

Fuck man
This bottle of Gin
is half empty
What to do
What would you
Were I you
Fuck man
This bottle of
is more than
Half empty
Hands shaking
Stupid half vacant


Wander  3/25/13    10:00pm

Thank you Ben, Brian, Anne, KJ, Amber, Christopher, and everyone else who tried to check in...Amy hope you are well



christopher said...

Yes, the real fun's been's been fun...but it ain't been real fun...

kj said...

No no NO Chris. Even your fine writing cannot be allowed to romanticize this. Don't drink. Ever. Never.

The day I stopped the windows of real life had a chance to be windexed. It took a long year to finally see the view clearly but oh thank god. Don't drink. Anymore.

Okay: now let's get down to poetry and promise.

And.....cut it out. No. None.


Brian Miller said...

welcome back, again
and back on the road
away from gin.


Marion said...

Gin is not your friend. I grew up with an entire family of alcoholics and know this for a fact.

I love the new look of your blog. Check out some AA meetings. Alanon saved my life and my sanity. You are loved by many. xo

One day at a time. <3 <3

Wander said... drinkey for me...there is nothing romantic for me in the drink...I was being sarcastic at my own expense. this was a way of letting you friends inn the blogging world where the hell I have been. and thanks for calling my writing fine...

@Brian at one point I thought Gin was my friend
then it came back again
and no friend was gin
no friend indeed

@Marion...thank you your advise is in process...

@Christopher (see I used your whole name, means I am serious) Thank you!


BerlinerinPoet said...

I don't think I'd say don't drink ever, but it's good you're moving on from this. Way to be honest.
Your poem is crazy good.

Anonymous said...

Never let it control you!

Pounding verse.

ayala said...

Welcome back :)

Wine and Words said...

Awwww Handsome. Wish I had known. Not that I could have made a difference, but the drink is the devil to some...and I have experience with the devil. I'd have fought with ya!

Glad you are doing well friend.


Ben Ditty said...

Drinking solves nothing. I'm very happy to hear you didn't go through with it in the comments.

Todd Alan Kraft said...

I hope you remain in control.... but others have said it better than I... what I want to say, is I love your poem. Raw, desperate, compellingly compulsive.

Chris Lawrence said...

I fell in love with the bottle but that is one girl to walk away from