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Sunday, June 7, 2015

bowl full of

Or not

This life seems
Like a bowl full
Of dead ends
We pick one foot up
And put it in front
Of the other
In the hopes that
Some day
Things will get better
In the hopes that
Life will get a little
Even though
It never has in the past
Just Maybe
Things have changed
For the better
We put one foot
In front
Of the other
Only time will tell
If we were deluded
Or not

Chris McQueeney

1 comment:

christopher said...

If you hope on this day and find nothing that directly contradicts your hope and you plod along hoping and you accomplish a small thing or two and do it again tomorrow, you will build up a reserve of strength and possibility. The trick will be to not quit, even if you hit a snag or a setback because relentless forward movement is the only way in the long run. This works going upstream in the river too, especially if you learn how to swim side to side as much as forward to lessen your current loss. And then look for resting places where you don't fall back. You know all this. And you know too... there really are no shortcuts in the heart and soul work no matter you can find the angles and tricks elsewhere.