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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

walk her streets

Portland today

I walked your streets
Saw your true colors
Crack man standing on the corner
Hanging with the brothers
One for twenty
Three for fifty
Hand full of bills
If we want
These are streets though
That have more than just
Rock to their roll
Pick your poison
Just this side of old town
Black tar has its way
Pale skinned junkies
Hands out for coins to pay
Trying to chase the sickness away
In every doorway there are
Drunks that beg for the end
To come today
A lone tweeker down Burnside way
On his knees as if to prey
Picking at his arms and face
And this is a beautiful city
With beautiful places
Beautiful people
Beautiful faces
all I saw today
Was some fucking junkie
But that's ok
There are some weird fucking people
Living in Portland today

Chris McQueeney 

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