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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Its the song in your head

What would you do if the guest came a calling...would you smile, then grin as the guest walked in
Would you let him pass
Your front door

Front door

This is the place between
You and me
A cliff with a ledge
A headge of the bet
Between what we can and cannot see
I walk to the edge
Of that ledge
Never once in all that time
Was I ever really me you speak and I think
If only you knew
I stop to say hi
There's this look in your eye
A natural lie that just now
Came to be
Woh you say that's enough for today I really wish I had some  more time
Oh by the way
Mine blah blah blah min4e
How come you are not positive blah blah like me blah blah as you
Can see blah blah I am Positive blah blah all of the time
I hear very clear whether month
Or year what's mine is not mine
Unless in It U find today
That lie between that tear in the seams that keeps you you
And me me
I heard a knock
A noise in my head
Would you get that
My leggs feel like lead my feet glued to the floor
I need you I said
Alive and not dead
At least till the guest knocks on the door
God was sad
I have heard said
He loved satan from heaven
Still he threw down to earth
Never to return

The world painted read
Grin glued to his head
Since meeting me
Painted red

Satan has never been board
Painted red
He smiled again
Painted red
The world painted red
Wicked grin reeking of sin
As he knocked on my painted red
Bright painted red
Front Door

Christopher McQueeney 2017
©WanderWithout Publications Inc.

1 comment:

Shadow said...

Do nOt open that door.