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Monday, February 6, 2017

My aunt thinks that I have not been writing, because I will not allow her to indanger my life without saying something...I am writing three books right now and have been researching on a good number of subjects, why waste my time right? There are only so many hours in the day where I can travel as andso I have done what I always wanted to do, go around the world and write...My Aunt has directly interfered with my medical decisions which was so dangerous that I could have died and almost did, and it cost 20,000$ I have it documented...


oh, and you can
with a wave of your hand
skin glossy
slightly sandy rose color
hint of the sun
on a windy morning
where I grew up
where I was forced up
more like
all the same
I said you could
you said you would
and you came
all the same
where it you
with your eyes stuck like hmmm
glued together
not shut
open mm
 slight wedge
eyes wide once again remembering your touch
and the love we once fed
there you go again
rampaging in my head
it was the wave if your hand
not what you said
you do that to me
just like I said
sandy rose color
like morning back home
you do that
you know
just as I said
no longer mourning
brought back to life
no longer dead

Chris McQueeney, ©2/6/2017  WanderWithout Publications Inc. 915 productions Inc ™

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Shadow said...

Some touches we can never forget. Nor wish to....